Recently, two papers on mast seeding in plants, co-authored by Jakub Szymkowiak, have been published!

In the first paper, published in New Phytologist, the authors tested whether seed predation selects for plant phenotypes that mast. The second paper, published in Annals of Botany, investigated covariation between plant size and fecundity using long-term data on individual-plant level masting patterns and seed predation in twelve mast seeding species.

More info:

Bogdziewicz M., Szymkowiak J., Tanentzap A., Calama R., Marino S., Steele M.A., Seget B., Piechnik Ł., Żywiec M. 2020. Seed predation selects for reproductive variability and synchrony in perennial plants. New PhytologistDOI: 10.1111/nph.16835

Bogdziewicz M., Szymkowiak J., Calama R., Crone E.E., Espelta J.M., Lesica P., Marino S., Steele M.A. Tenhumberg B., Tyre A., Żywiec M., Kelly D. 2020. Does masting scale with plant size? High reproductive variability and low synchrony in small and unproductive individuals. Annals of BotanyDOI: 10.1093/aob/mcaa118