Seminars on Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour

Seminars organized jointly by Tomasz Osiejuk (Department of Behavioural Ecology), Jacek Radwan (Evolutionary Biology Group) and Lechosław Kuczyński (Population Ecology Lab). Meetings will take place in room Mała Aula on Wednesdays at 12:00.

Seminars planned for Academic year 2023/2024:

25.10.2023Milena ZduniakDept. of Systematic Zoology AMU, PoznańEffects of host behavior, space use, and physical traits on ectoparasite loads in the yellow-necked mouse
08.11.2023Mateusz KonczalEvolutionary Biology Group AMU, PoznańGenomic basis of adaptation to fluctuating environment in a common crop pest
15.11.2023Mathieu Mahamoud-IssaDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, PoznańAll for one and one for all, the communal roosting behavior and collective vocal displays of the Yellow-breasted barbet (Trachyphonus margaritatus)
22.11.2023Karl GrieshopUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich, UKDominance reversal and the maintenance of sexually antagonistic genetic variation
29.11.2023Susan JohnstonUniversity of Edinburgh, UKThe causes and consequences of sex-dimorphism in recombination rates in vertebrates
06.12.2023Rafał MostowyMicrobial Genomics Group, Jagiellonian University, KrakówHow viruses employ a LEGO-based approach in coevolution with bacterial hosts
13.12.2023Dominika WiniarskaDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, Poznań
10.01.2024Krzysztof DeoniziakDepartment of Zoology and Genetics, University of BiałystokMicroplastic pollution - an emerging threat to terrestrial organisms
17.01.2024Paweł RękDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, Poznań
24.01.2024Hanna MichalskaDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, Poznań
31.01.2024Eva KallioUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
06.03.2024Emilia SokołowskaDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, Poznań
13.03.2024Melissah RoweNetherlands Institute of Ecology
20.03.2024Lia ZampaDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, Poznań
10.04.2024Anna SkorackaPopulation Ecology Lab AMU, Poznań
17.04.2024Katarzyna MarkowskaPopulation Ecology Lab AMU, Poznań