Seminars on Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour

05.10.2022Tom Cameron

School of Life Sciences, University of Essex, UKDemographic approaches to population ecology and evolution: our why every question is a mite question!
12.10.2022Rocco NotarnicolaEvolutionary Biology Group, AMUAn Alpine plant's responses to warming temperatures: from plasticity to molecular pathways
26.10.2022Jan Jedlikowski
Biological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw8th Marcin Antczak Award for an outstanding ornithological paper(s) published in 2021: What can we find by studying elusive Rallide bird species?
09.11.2022Neha PandeyEvolutionary Biology Group, AMUDensity-dependent selection and its effect on population dynamics and stability in fruit flies
30.11.2022Katarzyna MalinowskaPopulation Ecology Lab, AMUMaking virtual species less virtual by reverse engineering of spatiotemporal ecological models
18.01.2023Joanna RutkowskaInstitute of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, PolandFamily secrets revealed: meta-analytical insights into non-genetic maternal and paternal effects
08.03.2023Sylwia PustkowiakInstitute of Nature Conservation PAS, KrakówThe effect of social information and habitat heterogeneity on the distribution of birds
15.03.2023Thomas M. WolfeInstitute of Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Forest Protection, AustriaThe influence of horizontally aquired Wolbachia on invasive cherry fruit fly populations: A multi-perspective study
22.03.2023Małgorzata NiśkiewiczDept. of Behavioural Ecology AMU, PoznańSinging like a bongo: acoustic communication of African wood-doves
29.03.2023Justyna KubackaMuseum and Institute of Zoology PAS, WarsawInbreeding depression in a rare songbird, the Aquatic warbler
05.04.2023Lars RabergLund University, SwedenHost-pathogen coevolution in voles and man
19.04.2023Izabela StachowiczDept. of Geobotany and Plan Ecology, University of ŁódźDifferent faces of disturbances - habitat loss, hunting and wildfire in Venezuela
24.05.2023Andrew Hacket-PainUniversity of Liverpool, UKCombining tree growth and reproduction to understand forest responses to climate change
31.05.2023Valentin JournéForest Biology Center AMU, PoznańA black box in ecology: seed production in perennial plants
07.06.2023Dave KellyUniversity of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
21.06.2023Larissa ArantesLeibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin, GermanyUnravelling the evolutionary history and conservation threats of endangered species through Genomics