Dispersal strategies in eriophyoid mites

Funding: National Science Centre grant 2018/28/T/NZ8/00060

PI: Agnieszka Majer

Co-investigators: Anna Skoracka (supervisor)

Description: The aim of the project is to investigate dispersal strategies in to eriophyoid mite species: Aceria tosichella (wheat curl mite, WCM) and Abacarus hystrix (cereal rust mite, CRM). Specifically we aimed: (i) to describe the dispersal propensity of eriophyoid mites using different dispersal agents; (ii) to assess the effectiveness of their dispersal by different dispersal agents; (iii) to test the influence of relatedness on dispersal effectiveness.

Selected publications:

Kiedrowicz A., Kuczyński L., Lewandowski M., Proctor H., Skoracka A. 2017. Behavioural responses to potential dispersal cues in two economically important species of cereal-feeding eriophyid mites. Scientific Reports, 7, Article number: 3890, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-04372-7

Majer A., Laska A., Hein G., Kuczyński L. and Skoracka A. 2021. Propagule pressure rather than population growth determines colonisation ability: a case study using two phytophagous mite species differing in their invasive potential. Ecological Entomologyhttps://doi.org/10.1111/een.13058